By on February 4, 2020

Imagine that creating a dog is much like playing connect the dots for a circle. 

Have you heard a trainer or owner tell you to relax when your dog is nervous to help your dog relax? Have you heard a trainer or owner tell you to practice with thresholds? Or suggest medications, oils or music? Or to use a certain collar or harness? You may have heard someone suggest food lures, crating and changing your relationship with your dog. And often we hear – just train your dog!

The key to creating a whole dog is to start connecting the dots. If there are 50 dots to create your circle, we have to see a majority of dots connected before we see DOG. So crating a dog alone, wont “fix” a dog. Or medicating a dog, or training a dog. And perhaps you don’t want to crate, or medicate or use food lures, etc. Much of creating DOG is finding what works for you, the dog, and connecting as many dots as possible.