Meet the Pack



Almanzo was born in 2016 and came to us from Siber Song Kennel in New Hampshire. He is a true working dog in his heart. He most prefers being a serious runner over performing as a family pet. He is a veteran runner with the team and he has always been a true natural. When greeting Almanzo, we must try not to be overly excited because he is very easily excited and energetic; calmness helps him make good decisions when NOT running on the team.


Stormy was born in 2018 and came to us from Siber Song Kennel in New Hampshire. She is our up and coming super-star, very high energy, and very lovable.


Polar was born in 2018 and came to us from Siber Song Kennel in New Hampshire. He is a kind, soft spirited dog who knows how to relax and can be shy, but if you let him trust you, will become your friend quickly. Let him come to you (and he will!), for his trust and love.

Hurricane and Mickey

Hurricane and Mickey were born in 2019. Hurricane is full of energy and spirit and is our youngest lead dog. Mickey is a troublemaker and real a wild card on the team – we call him Mick Mack Paddy Whack Cuz He’s Always a Bad Dog. Mickey has the white forepaws.


Cowboy was born in 2019.  He is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a powerful wheel dog with a real sweet heart. He is the fan favorite – most likable dog in the kennel.


U-Bolt was born in 2019. Shy and reserved, U-Bolt is sweet to those with the patience to win him over. He is a hard-working team dog.



Ducky was born in 2019. Quirky, like a duck, she is mistaken regarding her species, which leads to a lot of head spinning confusion and wonderment.

Jack White

Jack White was born in 2019. He came into the world yelling like his namesake and he has continued to be a true rock and roller. He is a solid confident runner who is training as a lead dog.


Roamy was born in 2019. He is a good solid, no-drama, loves-to-run and be part of the fun, team dog.  Every musher needs eight or ten of those — at least we have one!


Helm, born in 2021, is a very serious and capable young leader.


Everyone wants to know why this young, friendly team dog is named Fish-head.  That’s a very good question, and if you meet him maybe, just maybe, you’ll help us figure it out.


Simer, born in 2021 and pictured here with Fish-head, is coming into her own as a team dog. 


Goosey, born in 2021, is full of energy and drive. When’s the last time you saw a 40-pound dog running wheel?  This one has got something to prove!