What Others Are Saying!

“I too was nervous about starting out with e-collar training with my dog Brewster. Only 5 lbs & a neck so small we had trouble getting any collar to fit.
Brewster did not have any major behavior issues, but did a 5 week board & train with Kate to improve his basics & eliminate his budding separation anxiety. He was quickly able to gain enough confidence & independence that he also was able to learn the special skills he needed to become my service dog. (for Hearing).

The e-collar, (tested it on myself), felt identical to the TENS unit I have had for physical therapy. When set to Brewster’s working level (~8) I cannot even feel it!

During training Brewster never seemed uncomfortable or depressed & to my surprise did not even lose any weight while at board & train.

Post training, Brewster was not afraid of the collar, or me or Kate & he actually liked having it on at night to light his way in our dark yard.

We now only use the e-collar once in a while, to refresh our skills or when He, or I, start slipping back into our old, lazy behaviors.

It was good training for ME too!
Thanks Kate & Amy!

Remember, E-collar is just a tool, and used properly, it is a very effective way to communicate with your dog.
You won’t be yelling at him & he won’t be afraid of you.” Susan, 2019

“The ecollar gave our Ruby life. She was a rescue out of Puerto Rico who had run feral for the first few months of her life. When we got her she was afraid of everything and everyone. Like wouldn’t even walk on her own, we had to pick her up and carry her because everything scared her (and she usually nervous peed if it was a male picked her up). We got into training with Kate with the ecollar and once we both learned the tool she became a different dog. She came off the Prozac, and is now a “normal” dog that enjoys off leash, hikes, kayaking and her family. The ecollar has afforded her that black and white information that her brain needs to be able to trust the humans in her life.” -Bridgett, 2019
“We had both our Pitts there at the same time. My biggest fear was that it would change my dogs’ personalities. Yeah. That didn’t happen. What did happen is that through the use of ecollar training they have learned to coexist. We still have a ways to go, but we are miles from where we were. And our out of control Tilly-Monster sat without prompting when our neighborhood Napoleon passed her on a walk. He yapped his head off at her, while she just waited for her Daddy to say ‘let’s go’. It was a very proud moment for us.” – Bethany, 2019
“In addition to obedience skills for our labs, Run By Dogs has given us so much more.
Kate provided much needed guidance before we were able to attend classes. Our hands were full with 2 puppies, and Kate was able to provide clear cut management goals that helped us survive until our basic obedience class began.
The basic obedience class offered clear instruction with measurable goals and homework, as well as instruction on using tools appropriately.
After seeing the progress that our boys had made, we were eager to sign up for private instruction using e-collar technology. We are so pleased with that choice. Our boys have so much more freedom and have become so much more responsive to cues.
Our training at Run By Dogs has given us the confidence to try new challenges, build real life skills and behavior management for the safety of our dogs, and through their continuing education program we have the opportunity to participate in new adventures with a great group who provide encouragement and support.” – Marcy, 2018
“When we brought Stanley (our German Shepard) to Run By Dogs, he was high strung and very skiddish. We have gone through puppy training and now obedience training, Stanley is coming along nicely. We don’t spend our nights just trying to get him to listen anymore. If you are not enjoying your dog, Kate will show you what to do. Thank you Kate!!” – Pam, 2018
“Run By Dogs was a lifesaver for us! Our dog, Rocco, is a rescue dog that has been an absolutely awesome addition to our family. He had a few shortcomings though and Kate not only helped to squash bad dog behavior, she helped my husband and I to develop the confidence we needed to be the best “dog parents” possible. Rocco is calmer, more in tune with us and has eliminated the unnecessary “garbage behavior” that he was exhibiting before. I highly recommend Kate at Run By Dogs, we couldn’t be happier with the results we now see in our dog!” – Holly, 2017
“Before we met with Kate we had a good dog, but he struggled with being in the crate and we could not leave him out when we weren’t home because he would spread garbage throughout the house and pee. After meeting with Kate for 4 weeks we now have a dog who can be in the crate while we are at work with no problems, he sleeps in the crate with the door open, and we have a completely calm dog when we come home. Gibson was also a leash puller and didn’t listen to commands such as sit, down, and come . It was impossible to bring him anywhere because he pulled so hard and didn’t listen. After working with Kate he is wonderful to bring on walks and when we take him out to the yard or a friends house we no longer need a leash. He learned sit, down, and come and responds instantly to all three commands. We couldn’t be happier with the work Kate has done with us and I would suggest her to anyone in a heart beat.” – Liz, Private Obedience Training 2016

And then Liz sent me this right after which I had to post as well…

“But seriously thank you so much. Gibson is so comfortable in the crate. He was in there for 6 hours last night without a peep and sleeps in it with the door open and when people come to the house to work I say Gibson crate and he lays in there with the door open until they leave. I was amazed. Last night I said come on Gibson lets go to bed and he walked right into his crate. I almost cried.” – Liz, Private Obedience Training 2016

“You are doing an amazing job with people who do not respond to anything else! Fantastic!” – Nancy, Activities Director, speaking about the importance of dog therapy 2016
Loved the ride today!- Meg and Jeremiah, Dog Sled Excursion January 2015
Run By Dogs is the best! Our Betty isn’t even 6 months old and Kate has helped us tremendously. Don’t know what we would do without her! – Katie, Private Puppy Training January 2015
Run By Dogs did a fantastic presentation for the Dolgeville-Manheim Public Library. Very informative and fun to meet the dogs and the people who run them. Folks are still talking about the visit – Marge Balder, Librarian
 March 4, 2014
Dear Kate,

On behalf of the Edward J. Arthur Elementary School I would like to thank you and your amazing team of sled dogs for visiting our school! Our students enjoyed being introduced to the wonderful sport of dog sledding. The entrance you made into the cafeteria for our morning assembly kick-off was inspirational and very exciting for students. The kick-off got the children very excited about the grade level presentations! The individualized grade level presentations were fantastic! Students were given a clear picture of what it takes to follow directions, listen carefully and work as a team, character traits that we prize at Edward J. Arthur Elementary School. Thank you again for the wonderful presentations.


Jim Martino
I enjoyed a ride with Kate, & Star,Timber, Lux, Moon & Icarus a week and a half ago……it was INCREDIBLE……if you love dogs and snow, this is for you! Thanks again…….woof, woof……
– Heidi, Dog Sled Excursion
We’re delighted to know about Kate’s Run By Dogs – Dogsledding and that she has brought this affordable adventure to our area! We hope she’ll join us again for Northville Winterfest 2015! – Northville Community Coordinator
Fantastic birthday gift! Thank you my sweet friends. xo Thank you Run By Dogs – Christina, Dog Sled Excursion
Ginger is almost 10 years old. I am almost 60. We have been together for 8 wonderful years. We are both learning how to be much better partners to each other. Kate, you are amazing! Your “dog sense” is beyond compare! Thank you, Thank you from both of us. – Heidi, Therapy Dog Training 
” I cannot thank you enough for Friday. We all had an exceptional time, Several people came up to me today to say how great it was! I can’t wait for next year! Your service ROCKS and the people we support enjoyed the dogs so much!!!”- John, New York State’s Office for People with Developmental Disabilities 2015
 Kate, you saved Pepper’s life. We were running out of options but your training transformed him into a well behaved boy. It has been hard work, but truly worth it. Thanks so much!!! – Heather Haas, Private Training , October 2015
“It was a once in a lifetime experience that everyone would enjoy- young or old!” – Trish and Pam, Community Fall Festival 2015
 “Thanks Kate for the fun ride you provided for our grandchildren Ethan and Lila! They had a blast!” – Linda, Fall Tour Excursion
“It’s amazing, one hour with you and we’ve made more progress than twelve classes at standard obedience training! I’m actually looking forward to class tomorrow to see if his behavior improves there as well. I’ve had him doing sit stays with multiple distractions and he is doing great with them! He is walking much better, and waiting until I tell him to enter or exit a door. I’m impressed, I didn’t know he would respond so well so quickly!”- Elizabeth, Private Training
“On behalf of Schoharie Crossing, I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation for your participation in this year’s Erie Canal Birthday Bash. The dogs preformed with excellence and everyone continuously commented on what a great experience it was and how much fun they had on the rides!” – David, Education Coordinator 2015
“One of the greatest experiences on earth! Kate was amazing! The ride was as beautiful as the dogs! Feeling blessed!” – Carrie and Gary 2015
“We are so grateful to Kate for helping us work with our dog, Seamus!  After having gone through two obedience courses, we still couldn’t even get him to “down,”  no less other more difficult tasks. After a very short time, Kate taught him to “down” and to listen and follow our instructions.  We can take him anywhere now!! Thank you, Kate.” – Ann, Private Training
“You are doing an amazing job with people who do not respond to anything else! Fantastic!” – Nancy, Activities Director, speaking about the importance of dog therapy
“I want to thank you so much! We not only have conquered our dog reactivity on the walk… We also learned skills that apply to many more areas like the vet, stores where dogs are allowed! It is great to feel like I can control our situations!!! Thanks so much Kate!!!!” – Michelle, Work the Walk 2015
“Run By Dogs is the best! Our Betty isn’t even 6 months old and Kate has helped us tremendously. Don’t know what we would do without her!” – Katie, Private Puppy Training