Meet the Pack


Star, now retired, is one of our lead dogs we adopted from a local shelter. She loves being at the front of the team, loves learning new trails and having new challenges to face. Star is a very brilliant dog, with a spirited heart.

Icarus icarus

Icarus, or more formally known in our educational programs as “Icky,” is a petite Siberian Husky with a kind and gentle heart. She often leads the team with Star and guides the sled with determination and grace. Icarus loves children and is one of our main dogs that always helps teach the school educational programs.

Moon snowday photo 002

Moon, now retired, is a Siberian/ Malamute mix that came to us as a rescue. He was a very naughty boy before we rescued him, eating sheet rock, walls, and doors and considering himself a professional counter surfer. We continue to advocate for his well-being by giving him lots of structure, exercise and socialization. He has found a new love in life though – being a wheel dog on our sled team. He loves working at a steady pace, is very strong, and very social with people and other dogs.

Lux lux

Lux, now retired, is our first Siberian Husky. And boy oh boy, did we learn A LOT from him! He is our red/ golden colored handsome boy who is our dependable strong and solid dog. His focus and determination are two of his best dog sled qualities, but snuggling is his best all around quality.

Timber timber therapy pic

Timber, now retired, has won our hearts with her generous spirit of pure unfiltered LOVE! She can be very serious at times, but when she is silly – watch out! She loves to talk and announces herself when entering a room.

Singer various3 049

Singern now retired, is an Alaskan Husky who, you guessed it, loves to sing. She has a very out-going personality, is incredibly smart and is another one of our lead dogs here at Run By Dogs. When meeting her, she will definitely “howl” a hello to you!

Wailer IMAG1508

Wailer, now retired, is an Alaskan Husky who is extremely sweet, kind and motivated to working. She absolutely loves to run- as soon as her harness comes out she starts to howl with excitement. When she isn’t working, Wailer spends most of her time on the living room couch next to the wood stove.

Pulli various3 020

Pulli, now retired, is another Alaskan Husky. She is a hard worker and loves running. She is a bit shy and loves being in the center of her pack and sled team. Her heart can definitely be won over with doggie treats though!


Pyra was born in 2015 and came to us from Nature’s Kennel in Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Prior to coming to live with us she was going to try out for a team running the 2016 Iditarod Race. She is very much a puppy still in her spirit- goofy, silly, and sometimes shy. While growing up in the next couple of years, she appreciates people who are calm with her and tell her she is doing a good job!


Almanzo was born in 2016 and came to us from Siber Song Kennel in New Hampshire. He is a true working dog in his heart. He most prefers being  a serious runner over performing as a family pet. this is his first year running with the team but he is a true natural. When greeting Almanzo, we must try not to be overly excited because he is very easily excited and energetic; calmness helps him make good decisions when NOT running on the team.


Stormy was born in 2018 and came to us from Siber Song Kennel in New Hampshire. She is our up and coming super-star, very high energy, and very lovable.


Polar was born in 2018 and came to us from Siber Song Kennel in New Hampshire. He is a kind, soft spirited dog who can be shy, but if you let him trust you, will become your friend quickly. Let him come to you (and he will!), for his trust and love.

shelby Shelby, 2007* – 2017

Shelby crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017. When Shelby, a Eurohound, joined Run By Dogs, she was already a veteran lead dog. Her gentle and kind heart off the dog team was transformed to an impressive, earnest intensity when in harness. A Eurohound is a cross between an Alaskan Husky and German Shorthaired Pointer. On our team, Shelby was one of our lead dogs. You would often see her and Star working together at the front of the team. Shelby was very brilliant, soft mannered and lovable! She retired in 2015 to spend her time living with our extended family in their home.