Meet The Team

Kate – Owner, Musher and Head Trainer

KateStarHow She Got Started

Kate started her professional career with dogs in 2008. She traveled to Alaska looking for “working dogs.” She fell in love with dog sledding and came home to New York to train her own dog sled team. She sprint raced as far north as Quebec and as far south as Maryland. While the dog team grew, Kate worked for two years as a veterinary technician and for one year in a dog day care managing structured dog walks and group play. Since the founding of Run By Dogs in 2014, Kate has been a full-time practicioner of the dog life; providing behavorial dog training and education to others and traveling to schools, community programs and winter carnivals with the dog team.

Kate’s Focus

Her focus in dog training is to create a working team between people and their dogs. She strives to unify dogs/owners in a balanced relationship of respect, affection, physical exercise, mental stimulation and confidence. Working together with your dog(s) doesn’t always mean mushing a team of sled dogs down a trail. It’s existing in the real world, around other dogs, people, children, food, etc. The true reward for the dog is inclusion in our lives. They want to be with us, and us with them. Kate’s job is to make that happen.

Half of dog training is learning to hold yourself and your dog accountable for actions. The other half is learning to listen to energy; your dog’s and your own. Also, to have your dog listen and respond to your energy. This kind of training gains the respect and confidence of your dog- and then a working relationship is started.

Amy – Agility, Puppy & Trick Trainer

Amy has a deep interest in dog sports – especially dog agility – and built her own agility obstacles. She was unable to find anyone that would be willing to teach dog agility while allowing the use of various training tools that would keep the dogs in a good state of mind while learning.

Only after finding Run By Dogs did she see some real progress in her dogs’ all around demeanor. After having gone through solid foundation training, she embarked on teaching her dogs how to use the dog agility obstacles. The progress that her dogs made exceeded her wildest expectations. Many of the techniques she uses in dog training come from her experience in training difficult horses for showing and riding.

Amy has astounded us with her training and handling skills, her aptitude, her sense of what a dog needs in the moment and how dedicated she is. Amy is a force of positivity, inspiration and dog love. Amy is offering agility classes at her private working farm in Sharon Springs until we are ready to host agility training at our center. Also, she’s titled her dog with tricks, and we hope to have her trick train here with us very soon!

Wren – Trainer in Training

WrenWren is learning how to be a professional handler for working dogs and family pets. She started her career, teaching calm submissive behavior at the age of 4… days. Even so, she has a little bit to learn yet… As your dogs train at the center and are prepared to handle distractions, she will be sure to speak up!