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Dog Sledding

NOTICE: Thank you for your interest in dog sledding. However, we will not be accepting bookings for Private Excursions or community festivals during the 2016-17 season. We are available for educational programs.


The feeling of riding the sled is indescribable! To have the power of the dogs pulling, the only thing you hear is their breathing – Magical!  —  What makes me happiest is having the dogs do what they’re made to do, what they wait all year for.

I enjoyed a ride with Kate, Star, Timber, Lux, Moon & Icarus……it was INCREDIBLE……if you love dogs and snow, this is for you! Thanks again…….woof, woof…… – Heidi, Stratford NY Dog Sled Excursion 2014

Take a one-hour long excursion in one of our toboggan sleds! We have a smaller sled designed for one adult or two or three children to ride in. Or take a ride in our larger sled that can hold two adults.

“One of the greatest experiences on earth! Kate was amazing! The ride was as beautiful as the dogs! Feeling blessed!” – Carrie and Gary  2015

“Loved the ride!” – Meg and Jeremiah 2015

Excursions Include:

  • 45-50 minutes active sled time
  • Hands on involvement with dogs and gear
  • 10 minutes quick education on sled safety
  • Guided by a NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide

This is the Capital Region’s ONLY dog sled ride!

General Pricing

Our excursions have a 350 pound weight limit with any combination of passengers.

60 Minute Solo Excursion     $150.00

60 Minute Excursion, per 2 riders     $200.00

Birthday Parties and Family Outings At Our New Center In Amsterdam NY –
first hour    $200.00

$75.00 every hour after.

Fall/ Winter Festivals, Community Event Rides –
first hour $275.00
$75.00 every hour after.

If the distance is over 60 minutes drive from our kennel, extra charge of .55 gas/ mile will be charged.

Longer adventure excursions can be arranged!

Group Outings /  Events

We also offer abbreviated outings for larger parties.

  • Birthday parties
  • Community winter carnivals
  • Girl Scouts/ Boy Scouts
  • Church programs
  • Contact us for other ideas! We love new programs

Payment Policy

All excursions require full PayPal payment or a 50% check or cash deposit to secure your booking.

Excursions are paid in full the day of your ride (remaining Check/Cash is due, PayPal funds will transfer to Run By Dogs).

Cancellations less than 14 days prior to your excursion result in a 50% charge (cash/check deposit will be held, PayPal will refund 50%).

No shows are 100% charged. We will wait at directed trail head no longer than 20 minutes.

Because we live in the Capital Region, be advised that we reserve the right to reschedule your excursion if we have lack of snow.

What To Know Before You Go

Concerned about your child’s safety when taking a dog sled ride without you? Run By Dogs has walkie talkies for parents and children to use to have direct contact with each other during sled rides. Combining fun and safety is a HUGE part of what we believe in!

Please keep your own dogs at home or secure in your car. Sled dogs can become very excited and anxious with personal dogs around them when they are working.

Dress for the weather! We will provide a wool blanket to keep the wind at bay and to sit on for a toasty rear end. Hand and foot warmers are available if you do become chilly. Please bring a camera, you will definitely want to take pictures!

For excursions, we travel to where the snow is in good quantity! Unfortunately, transportation is not provided to the trail head. We will advise you of the trail head and directions at least 2-3 days before your excursion. Don’t worry, we stay within an hour’s drive of Amsterdam!

Considering contacting Kate for services? Read our FAQ page: Frequently Asked Questions.