jax1Meet Jax, a fully trained foster dog who is ready for adoption. He was an owner surrender to Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter; his owner had raised Jax with lots of love, care and patience.


jax3What Jax is great at:
-Play with other dogs
-Crating for duration while handlers not home
-Recall with a dropped leash
-Riding in cars
-Connecting with people he knows
-Fetch/ Frisbee

What is included in Jax’s $300 Ayres Memorial Adoption fee:
-Free lifetime continuous training for Jax
-Free $2000 board and training completed on Jax with expected 200 hours of training by adoption date
-At least 10 hours of hands on time before go home training with head trainer Kate
-Ecollar Technology Boss remote collar and receiver
-Sprenger Prong Collar
-Free monthly check ins with Ayres and Run By Dogs
-90 day exit plan from training for creating the relationship a family wants with Jax


If you are interested in learning more or meeting Jax, please email Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, or ask Rich or Kate at our training center.