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Our Training Center is located at 3832 State Highway 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010

Hours: By appointment or drop in

Run By Dogs is a professional company serving people and their dogs. We offer family dog training, AKC Certification and STAR Puppies Certification,  dog sledding excursions, educational programs and boarding. We welcome all dogs to our training center- from puppies to nervous, insecure and aggressive dogs who need extensive education. Training center is monitored 24/7 for safety, security and peace of mind. We have two goals : For training our goal is to teach behavior, energy, intention, leadership, how and when to praise and correct behaviors, and how to positively advocate for your dog so he can make awesome choices. We will not turn away any breed or any behavior. Secondly, our goal for dog sledding is to promote working dogs, interaction between humans and dogs while working, providing a fun experience for our guests as well as our dogs, and showing a new organic, primitive way of discovering the Southern Adirondacks.  Our dog sledding excursions as well as training are offered in the Capital Region and Southern Adirondack Mountains.

jax3Meet Jax, foster dog ready for adoption

“An awesome adventure! Thank you so much for such a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. They’ll remember this forever!” – The Noon Family, Madelyn and Emmaline, Green Lakes State Parks 2016

“My dog Mikki and I recently completed a board and train for 4 weeks with Run By Dogs. My dog was brought to Kate as an extremely reactive dog with both humans and other dogs. I had a hard time bringing her anywhere and an even harder time having people at my house.

Mikki is now a dog that looks to me for guidance. She is no longer anxious and is a dog that can be involved in my everyday activities with out me having to worry about her behavior. Run By Dogs was the best thing I have ever done for any of my dogs and I will be sure that any future dogs will be actively involved in Kate’s classes and training!” Katy, Board and Train 2014

“You’ve given Sochi and I the great tools we needed for training her to travel with me and be welcome wherever we go. Thank you!” – Rhea, Group Training 2015

“Thanks Kate for the fun ride you provided for our grandchildren Ethan and Lila! They had a blast!” – Linda, Fall Tour Excursion 2015

“It’s amazing, one hour with you and we’ve made more progress than twelve classes at standard obedience training! I’m actually looking forward to class tomorrow to see if his behavior improves there as well. I’ve had him doing sit stays with multiple distractions and he is doing great with them! He is walking much better, and waiting until I tell him to enter or exit a door. I’m impressed, I didn’t know he would respond so well so quickly!”- Elizabeth, Private Training 2015